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Aug 13, 2018
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In Italy, August 13 is the Day of Hekate. Hekate is an exceptionally powerful spirit. She holds dominion over life, death, regeneration, and magic. She rules wisdom, choices, expiation, victory, vengeance, and travel. Hekate guards the frontier between life and death. She is an intermediary between the spirit world and that of humans. She is the witness to all crimes, especially those against women and children.

Here’s a Hekate Ritual from “Moon Magick” by D.J. Conway. While this ritual can be done on any day dedicated to this Queen of the Night, the Spirit World, and Witchcraft, I thought this might be something interesting for today:

You will need:

  • a ritual dagger
  • small cauldron
  • a wand
  • an apple
  • a piece of black cloth
  • a small bit of salt
  • other ritual items you might choose to use.

Put the apple in the cauldron and cover the cauldron with the black cloth. Cast your circle. With the wand tap the cauldron five times and say:

Hekate, Wise one, I ask your blessings.
Lift the Veil for me that I may greet my spirit helpers,
Long-ago friends from other lives, and those who are new.
Let only those who wish me well enter within this sacred place.

Uncover the cauldron. Take out the apple, raise it in offering, and lay it on the altar.

Hekate, your Magick cauldron is the well of death and rebirth
An experience each of us under goes again and again.
Let there be no fear in me, for I know your gentleness,
Here is your secret symbol of life in death.

Cut the apple crosswise with the dagger. Contemplate the revealed pentagram in the core. Put the two halves of the apple back into the cauldron and cover them again with the black cloth.

Only the initiated may know your hidden Mysteries.
Only the true seekers may find the spiral way.
Only those who know your many secret faces
May find the Light that leads to the Inner Way.

Put a pinch of salt on your tongue:

I am mortal, yet immortal.
There is no end to life, only new beginnings.
I walk beside the Goddess in her many forms.
Therefore, I have nothing to fear.
Open my mind and heart and soul
To the Deep Mysteries of the Cauldron, O Hekate.

Do a meditation on seeking the Dark Moon goddess. Listen to her messages. Be aware of any new guides and teacher who may come through to 

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    Day’s of Hecate.

    There are many day’s and moon phases associated with Hecate. Below are just a few.

    August 13th Hecate is honored in Greece, for her storm aspect. Offerings would be left at the Crossroads ( honey cakes, mushrooms, black dogs) hoping to appease her so she wouldn’t bring crop destroying storms.


    The Elusinian Mysteries, Around the 7th beginning with a procession, the festival would start in Eleusis and end in Athens. Hecate would lead the procession of initiates into the underworld.

    September 21 Feast of Divine Life; Maiden , mother and Crone.(Greece)

    October 31 Halloween / Samhain This is the night when the .

    November 16th 
    This is called Hecate’s Night. This is the night that she roams the earth with her hounds. This is also the night that new initiations are made for Witches who follow her. Hecate’s Supper is left out on the steps of her followers dwellings, usually consisting of honey and mushrooms. Hecate then blesses those inside.

    November 30th Day of Hecate at the crossroads.

    January 8 Midwife’s day (Greece) Hecate is the Divine Midwife.

    January 31 Feast day of Hecate (Greece)

    Hecate was honored monthly in Rome on the 29th The moon on this day was referred to as Hacate’s Moon.

    Also Hecate is often honored during the new moon as well as the full and dark with rituals and offerings.

    We walk,
    together in the labyrinth,
    amongst the warm glow of the torch light.

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      A temple to Hecate in Lagina 

      Lagina Temple HECATE "OK I had the wrong photo :/" lol

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      istanbul museum lagina Hekate

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