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    Haunted Lane

    Haunted Lane
    The residents of this ominous-sounding street in Pennsylvania liked its name so much they fought to keep it.

    Scary Thoughts

    Scary Thoughts and what its is just for fun, it's a list of some creepy or scary or just funny thoughts. This is where we ponder the funny, the disturbing, unsettling and downright paranoid ideas that creep into our heads.

    What if birds aren’t really singing, and they’re actually screaming because they’re afraid of heights…

    What if ice cubes are just slowly dying and floating around in their own blood…

    What if when relationships aren’t working out, instead of breaking up with each other, people just killed each other instead.

    What if you came home one night and you walked into your apartment and there was plastic sheeting all over the floor and you turned around and your boyfriend was standing behind the door wearing a raincoat and holding an axe and saying, “Sorry babe, it’s not you, it’s me…”

    What if your bellybutton screamed every time you put on a shirt because it was afraid of the dark…

    What if soda cans were alive and every time you took one out of the pack and opened it, you were really just snapping its neck and drinking its blood in front of its family members…

    What if dying in a dream meant you died in real life and most people had pleasant, relaxing dreams, but you were one of the unlucky ones and every night, you had horrible nightmares where you had to desperately fight to survive…

    What if, when you’re about to die, your life flashes before your eyes, but from your point of view it plays in real time, so you have to sit there and watch it all from the very beginning…

    What if trees cried when you ate their fruit because their fruit was actually their babies and every time you ate an apple, you were actually devouring a tree baby…

    What if the asteroid that scientists say hit the earth millions of years ago and killed all the dinosaurs was actually a UFO… and we are the aliens who were inside…

    What if, when you go to sleep, you’re actually dying and every time you wake up, you’re actually being reborn or returning from the dead.

    What if every time you forget something it’s actually the little man in your head hitting the backspace key…

    What if the reason we can’t walk through mirrors is that our reflection blocks us. What if they are protecting us. What if they know the other side is horrifying and they are trying to keep us from ever crossing over. What if we’re on the wrong side of the mirror. What if we are the reflections…

    What if everyone in the world had a clock that counted down the time until they die. What if you start messing around with your clock one day and it said 70 years, but you did something wrong and now it says 10 minutes left and you’re frantically trying to figure out what went wrong before you run out of time…

    What if human beings shed their skin every winter and walked around as skeletons and trees had to rake discarded skin off their lawns…

    What if you looked under your bed and there were two glowing red eyes looking at you.

    What if all cats could understand us when we speak, but they don’t say anything because they don’t want us to know. What if they get on the internet at night and read everything we write. What if the cats are reading this right now and they know I am on to them. What if they are coming to silence me…shit, my cat has thumbs he can cause damage 

    What if human beings were like caterpillars and on your 17th birthday, you started building a cocoon around yourself and you stayed inside it for a year and on your 18th birthday, you suddenly burst out and you had transformed into some kind of mutant flying monster…

    Have you ever considered that knocking on a person’s front door is the same as punching their house until they let you in?

    If you think about it, at Halloween, when we are carving pumpkins, it’s really grotesque. We are really kidnapping the pumpkins, stabbing them with a knife and torturing them before we remove their insides.

    What if, when we can’t sleep at night, it’s because something is making the silence loud enough to scare our brains?

    What if every dream you ever had was something that actually happened to another you in a parallel universe…

    What if food screamed when you ate it… Like you are chowing down on a Big Mac and it’s like, “No, please, I’m begging you… Don’t do it…..NOOOO!!!! Num num num

    Did you know that when bananas are rotting, they secrete a substance that makes other fruit near them rot faster? As they are dying, they are killing the other fruit around them. It’s like the bananas are committing murder-suicide.

    They say that most of the canned laughter you hear on TV shows nowadays was actually recorded in the 1950s. That means whenever you’re watching a sitcom, you’re actually hearing mostly dead people laugh at it…

    What if when we die the light at the end of the tunnel is the light in the hospital as your being reborn again.

    What if your dreams are actually reality and what we think is reality is actually our dreams.

    • Wow a lot of great things here. The idea of the mirror was touched on in the movie prince of darkness. On the other side of the mirror is the realm of anti matter lies the anti God. A an evil God father of Satan. Its by John carpenter. Also the ideals about dreams.In same occult circles. And some scientific theories dreams and thoughts shape reality. The list is great thanks and brought some instersting stuff.
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    The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa
    Haunted hotel, built on natural springs, once served as a hospital for a quack doctor promising cancer cures.
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      The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa and Ghosts

      Ghost in morgue hallway


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