Witch interviewed by Tucker Carlson

Has anyone here seen this?

I thought that Amanda did very well, despite being baited by Tucker Carlson. Nice touch, her response to Carlson's "eye of newt" nonsense: "Isn't that from Shakespeare?" Haha! I'd be surprised if Tucker Carlson even knows that much.

In Amanda's honor, I have anagrammed a witchy name for her:

Astraea Dyana Magic
= Amanda Yates Garcia

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  • I couldn't get over the feeling that Carlson brought her on just to make fun of Amanda and Witches.

    • Tucker does that with almost every guest he brings on (targets and makes fun of), but I have to say, he was actually pretty tame in this piece... side note, I can't stand the guy.

    • Do you remember when Tucker Carlson used to co-host Crossfire? And he wore those clownish bowties? And then the producers made the mistake of inviting Jon Stewart on as a guest, who called both co-hosts "partisan hacks." lol And then Tucker Carlson made the fatal mistake of trying to match wits with Jon Stewart. Tucker Carlson wound up becoming so defensive and rattled that he had to cut to a commercial.

      The end result being that CNN cancelled Crossfire. And Tucker Carlson stopped wearing bowties.

      Jon Stewart on Crossfire - YouTube
    • Yes, I remember... and there's nothing better than watching Stewart cross swords with an asshat like Carlson.   ;)

    • Yes, but I think Amanda scored.  :)  Plus, I also think that this was meant to serve as a prelude to Fox News' bogus, annual "War on Christmas" reporting.  Some stores have already started decorating for Christmas, so Fox News has to get ready now, too.

    • Well sure , for ratings...

      That is the way of talk show media...

      You bring people on to promote them or crucify them...

      The game is to outmaneuver your opponents , and convey

      your message in a clearer way , and with wit and sarcasm

      when needed...psychology , neuro - linguistic programming ,

      word traps , and manipulative phraseology , are part of any

      intelligent person's arsenal when entering the public arena ,

      as well further tools of the witch or any engaging speaker

      such as magnetic voice , and engagement of the audience

      through humor , body language , and eye contact...

      ( if visual is added )

      As a teacher of the Craft , let alone just who I am , I learned this long ago...

      They are valuable tools for any witch...;)

  • Not only are there no laws against it...

    And I know this by experience...

    The first thing they would have to do is hold a hearing on whether

    magic and the effects of witchcraft are real...

    This , of course , would create a furor in both religious and atheist

    communities , and I was personally informed no judge would touch it ,

    and if they did , it would end up going to the Supreme Court , due to

    First Amendment rights , and Religious Freedom...

    The legal system would have to declare magic is real , before they could prosecute someone for it...

    I already tested it against federal agents in Oregon , many years ago ,

    when they were threatening to arrest me...

    When I said I was not threatening them , just telling them what could happen

    to them from spirits protecting me , their answer was very quick and clear ,

    and they backed down , and left me alone...

    Their answer was straight out of the X Files :

    " We don't like that spooky shit"


  • This reply was deleted.
    • Amanda says she was raised in a Wiccan household, but she doesn't view herself as being Wiccan.  She describes herself simply as a witch and an artist.  So I guess she can do what she wants.  In the interview, she didn't sound like someone who would wish actual harm on anyone.

      You're right that there's no civil law to "protect" anyone from witchcraft. It strikes me that the people who are most likely to complain are mainstream religious types who object to any aspect of alternative religious beliefs.  

      Which is all pretty funny, because if their God is so powerful (as they say), you'd think he'd be able to shield them from a witch's spell.  So why don't they stop worrying about it and just mind their own business?

  • And just to clear up the eye of newt business...

    In our ancient Wietch's Book Of Shadows , the real one...

    ( as these two columns add to Wietch's Book Of Shadows by gematria )

    Two of the columns on right , known as our "mother" , or "goddess" column...

    ( which has a symbol value of 603 , in gematria )

    With our boundary symbol next to each of the ( 8 symbols x 2 ) sixteen symbols

    having a value of 7 each : ( 603 x 2 ) + ( 16 x 7 ) = ( 1206 + 112 ) = 1318

    A circle with a circumference of 1000 anything ( inches , feet , yards , miles )

    has a diameter of 318...therefore , we get the shape of the circle with a line

    across it , to represent that set of symbols , which may be used as a symbol

    set for a Wietch's Spell , looks like a newt's eye ( see photograph )...

    So yes , we did use "eye of newt" , as part of our spell...

    And , as the Maiden , Mother , and Crone runes are in that column ,

    that was referred to as three witches , with one eye between them...;)

    Take that , Fox , I am far more Cunning than you !

This reply was deleted.
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