I don't knwo where else to post this, but maybe somebody has some advice for me.

Is there a way to make contact with a person long dead (about 25 years)? I feel such an urge to ask him questions (even though I still don't really know what to ask, it is rather a strong feeling, not sure how I should explain it)...any ideas?






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  • Hey Emma,

    Maybe a look into Spiritism and Spiritualism could help. I know that Spiritualists usualy have like a building or meeting place where they commune and talk to the dead; Maybe you could search online for a place like that close to you?


  • Emma,
    I'm in Brazil.
    I know a medium, I do not know if he's still working, that he laid his hand on the name of the disincarnated spirit with some data, such as name, date of disincarnation, ... and if it were allowed, the spirit communicated.
    It was impressive and very exciting. I helped him. I worked in the same place.
    This place has been closed.
    Is not someone trustworthy like that? Close to you?

    • Hi, 

      thanks for your reply!

      Sounds intriguing for sure, but no, no such person around. I also want to learn it myself to make contact. Guess I'll need to have patience!


    • If you want to learn, you will need patience, perseverance, discipline and faith.
      I wish the best for you.
      Good luck.

    • Thank you - I will! Hug back :)

  • Emma, the best way I have found is this: it's called clairaudience. instructions are easy but may be hard to make happen. so even if the person is gone for 25 years their voice and personality with still be exact as it always was. OK take care

    • okay, just read a few things about clairaudience and how to practice it. Seems like I've been doing this all my life! I'm sensitive to noise and easily overwhelmed by too much of it, I've been palying instruments since I was 7, I can clearly imagine all kinds of noices, music etc. in my head, I have a very "educated" and developed sense of hearing anyway. I just remembered that I used to hear voices, when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Sounds pretty loony, but I remember one time sitting down, loking above me into the nowhere and listening to those voices. There were a lot of them speaking at the same time. Sometimes I "saw" a voice coming nearer and being bigger, and this voice then was the one I could hear best. I don't remember what they were saying, maybe I didn't understand them at that time, too. It happened a few times but then never again. I told my mom and many years later she said she didn't react to it in my presence because she didn't want to make sth bigger than it was, but inside she freaked out and thought I've gone crazy *lol*. So could all this be signs that I could be clairaudient or at least develop that skill?

    • Thanks for your reply! Can you give me more details on this? Why can it be hard to make it happen? Thanks!

    • I say hard to happen because I can go years without being clairaudient. but I am like you sensitive to sound. so you can use the imagination to activate it but when its working it will sound as real as a actual person speaking to you. by the way you can create your own music this way too.

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