Friendship is like Marriage
They both vow for life
To honor, respect, and make sacrifice
To help each other with problems in life
Advise when needed without causing strife
Make time to listen and calm each others fears
Strengthening each other throughout the years
Remembering to compliment and always commend
This is how friendships really begin
Rare are these qualities, I grant you that
But this kind of friendship brings happiness

Naomi Slay


My  version how I define.......

Friends, true friends,  best friends,... are like a sisterhood, or brotherhood, family

Sometimes closer then blood

A friendship that has stood the test of time, survived the fires of life

Survived   the fights, hurts that hurt like no other as your friend...

But  true friends forgive, listen,learn

Everyone deserve at least one

I am blessed I can say I have a few which circle me

True Friends know the very best of you and know the very worst yet embrace and love you

True Friends tell you as it is even if it hurts

Never have to worry if a Friend is buttering you up for a great fall

Also Friends are not perfect no one is

Friends  true friends grow together through time , trial,sunshine and the rain

If your friendship has not had its storms, do you know how strong it is?

You will find out for storms come to us all



Sunkat we should have a Friendship day here. celebrate one another   celebrate our friends for who they are a whole week  I amy have try this too LOL

I sometimes think we do not tell our friends enough  thank you or what they mean and it is easy to do. Just maybe besides holidays  maybe have a secial day or week .

Also great idea offline to, do nto wait for them to call what about you, you know how to dial or push the buttons

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