Should a guest be brought to circles?

Should non pagans, non wiccans, non witches be brought to esbat or sabbat s? Granted they could learn what witch craft and paganism is about. However they can be exposed to spirits and engeries and Deties they are not use to and be in danger.

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  • Ya and usually open circles are pretty big like celebrating a festival day at a park or something. Their pretty different.

  • Every ritual depends on those who participate.
    Everyone should be prepared.

  • I think so-new energy and is a way for them to learn:)They can judge forthemeselves-

  • I've heard of both. If the Witches know how to make a circle right and the people that are attending are cleansed and such then I don't think they have anything to worry about. Now if the Witches that are performing the esbat or sabbat doesn't know what their doing I guess the guest might need to worry about the energies but I think the Witches themselves that are performing the ritual that need to be careful. Non magickal people can carry a lot of ick. A public circle is a little bit different though.

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