Judged ( Thoughts)


This is just j me journaling and maybe some can relate. At one point or another we all get judged ad  it hurts when we the judged have consequences

Also careful who you judge, especialy if you truly do not know them or their agenda or heart.  Maybe watch listen and watch get to know them... Talk with them, ask them


Why am I a Hermit?

It is for my safety and yet theres.

I have a temper, better now but still a temper

At home it is now my choice to not engage unless I must

Peiople here are truly clicish, you have to be  a certaint type with some success money wise, have a family to

Something is wrong if you do nto have a kid let alone  older and not married,

Society is good at judging no matter what, 

Online people can also be the same, but it is harder for it is online, no real face to face 

It is easy to get offended or take somethings out of context.

It is also sometimes more emotionaly hurtful. As we are emotional beings too.


I offer a hand and it is thrown back in my face

I try again thinking ok error, but thrown back in my face

I wonder wtf, what have I done?

Then no it is not me, let alone if   they say ditto, yet brush my kidness away

I owe them then ditto

I will not offer a 3rd time for I do not chase, nor do I beg


So You have heard I am this or that or I did this or that?

Living in the past, and want me there too, NO I walk forward.

Have you come ask me or talk to me?

Or have you decided to believe what others heard or say?

Judged without    being able to defend

Then again I will not defend myself when I know I am not guilty of what  you charge me with

Believe what you will of me

I am who I am

Those who do know me love me, and are loyal to me and  I am to them

We have all made mistakes we learn grow, learn hard ass lessons

But true  friends who truly love you come back into your life  and together you rise and fly

A friend a true is not just a friend in the Sunlight btu the storm when all crashes

It is storms you find out who you are and who does love you




Why So kind to my face,

Yet I hear the whispers behind my back

Why have I been judged

When you know not me nor my heart?

I do not claim perfection

I have mad bad bad decisions

But who are you or anyone to think they may punish me for life



Yet I have been judged by those who I thought knew me

Wrongly accused,  been given the title the devil.....

Ah yet  some preach so high  a God of love

Yet those who have spoken " for him"  Pick and choose who they love or not

Hypocrites they forget it is also writ

Judge not, lest you be judged with the same judgement you use it will be meted back

AH What you send forth comes back does it not???




As you have done me

Let Judgement be to thee no more, no less

One day you also will know

What it is to be judged

and you not allowed to be truly known

Your heart will hurt for you know your heart

but they will not hear

To be judged by one  or anyone who knows you not






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  • I have written this sorry for typos my eyes  as said are bad even with glasses hence I end up copying pasting or  taken days to write  etc

    This above is  based  from combination of experiences and  the names are not important, it is we all at some point feel this and been on the other side of judgement, May we not forget,

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