I am the God

I wait
For monsters
To come forth and
Take their best shot
At me, the

I am the God
Of tooth and nail
Of sharpened sword
And spinning flail
The Master, Death
What is in store
I am the voice
Demon at the door

The destroyer has come
To spread the fear
Within raging flames
The destroyer is here
Feel the fear of decay
Will you weep and beg
When you freeze
And piss down your leg?

Within flames
God of slaughter
Decree father
Within war

I am the God of
I am the God of
The destroyer of worlds

I decide who will live
And who will die, gloriously
Will you stand in pride
Or cry on your knees?
The flame on the water
Burning away in slaughter
What God will you pray to
Will you stand or falter
Before me?

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  • I Love this... thank you... Micheal...

  • This reply was deleted.
This reply was deleted.

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