Mirror, mirror on the wall!
Which Humpty Dumpties are going to fall?
Too many kings, horses and armies of men!
Falling Humpty Dumpties will not rise up again!

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Why do Humpty Dumpties believe they know it all?
Why do Humpty Dumpties want to control, shout, and call?
Humpty Dumpties speak and say- Events will come and happen this way!
Peace at night, then war by day!
Is this evil brother's new game to play?

Humpty Dumpties surmise the Way of Be!
Control events and everyone's mes!
Shall I laugh and say he he he?
Humpty Dumpties presume; from the prism they are free!
Saturn, time, matrix can not catch evil-really- clever he?

Unlike the Aeons or ages past!
Circle of chaotic change at last!
Tired of wars, bombs that destroy by blast!
Gaia is at CRITICAL MASS! We, Our Lady's True Children, be lad or lass-
Tire of nature being abused; air of poisonous gas!
We were given each a task; be it tiny or vast!
Reverse spin! Shift change coming in fast!
The way out of a circle is through the center you see!
Here is the True Way of Be!

The Center of swirl, rock, and dirt-
Tunnels so small; crawling in them can hurt!
Maize, labyrinth encased by rocks that water squirt!
This place has finally been seen!
Dormant for years, reflection of radiant sheen.
The throne of Our First Mother and Queen!

One may take a breath and look!
In this center is Our Queen's sacred book!
Beginning of the Aeon of the Crown Child-
Events and life may seem abusively wild!
Those in control believe they will continue for a long while-
Our Lady's reign will end their smile!
Everyone is aware of matrix, holograms and this and that!
This illusion will end when the prism curves flat!
In to out; up to down, as thin to fat!
Disease is not carried by the rat!
The True Divine Child has a cone shaped hat!
Numerology on base ten=
Quickens as new light and sound to time end!
These circular repeating cycles of polarity to end!

Mirror, mirror on the wall!
We know Humpty Dumpties will definitely fall!
We are sick and tired of same old all! New Aeon and Our Queen!
New events to be seen!
Return of the Father is true!
He has been the one scorned and abused!
He is tired of ego and being used!
We, who truly know Him!
The Stars shine and infinite space does swim!
Soon, He enters in!
No one loses and no one wins!
Universal Mind; the end is to begin!
Restriction in the word for sin!
Free your Self and look in your heart!
Gnosis or knowledge is the start!
We are all One Spirit playing a unique part.
When that you understand-
Change and Awakening will cross the land!
Will you know your oscillating energy band?
Will you ascend with us hand and hand?
Soon it will be too late.
Portals are opened, flares closing old stargates!
Follow you heart and find your will!
Events forecast are not the ones real!
Many sonic sounds!
Calling out all around!
Inbetween is where the truth is found!
Ego and greedy Humpty Dumpties to be bound!

(edited and re-published by margaretburns 8/15/17)
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  • This is a good one Rosey. You said it well.

This reply was deleted.

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