Authenticating Myself

I was raised in a small, conservative town. A town where if you didn't follow the ways of God you were either looked at as uneducated swine or a heathen. I've always felt different, an outcast of sorts. As a child and young teenager I would create spells and charms with things I found on my parent's ranch. Eventually I discovered that I could find real spells and spiritual information on the internet and slowly began building a book. I kept this book and a few candled in a metal, military box under my bed. That is until one day my mother recieved a phone call from a parent of a classmate who had over heard me talking about my interest in Witchcraft. My family had a very stern talk with me and made me destroy and get rid of everything I had accumulated. (I was between the ages of 12 and 14) Since then I have maintained my awe and sence of wonder for the occult and craft but I have kept it hiddend for many years. In the last 5 years I have become a mother of two and a wife... I feel it is time for me to begin my path anew and be the authentic version of myself that I have hidden for nearly 15 years. Today I begin my jorney.... today I am truly myself.

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