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August, originally called Sextilis by the Romans, was later named Augustus in honor of Augustus Caesar. Gathered harvests were celebrated in many lands during this month.

August 1st was a Celtic feast called Lunasa or Lughnassadh, meaning the celebration of harvest and new grain for bread. In Old English this became Lammas, or “Loaf Mass.” The Romans also had a harvest festival during this month, that of the Consualia when sacrifices to Consus were made. Consus was the god of the underground storehouse where the grain was kept.

They also celebrated the Opseconsiva, a harvest festival for the goddess Ops. Wine and freshly baked bread were placed on her altars. Near the end of the month they had a thanksgiving feast called the Charisteria.

At three times during August, the Romans honored the god Vulcan: on August 17 at the Portunalia; on August 27 at the Volturnalia; and again on August 23 at the Volcanalia. this last festival was held outside the city boundaries and was to ward off accidental fires, a real threat in such closely-packed and fire-prone towns. Vulcan was not the only deity honored during these festivals. The goddesses Juturna (deity of fountains) and Stata Mater (who put out fires) were invoked as a counterbalance to Vulcan’s fires – volcanoes or otherwise.

The very early Greeks had a holy day for Hecate the Dark Mother on August 13, and ten days later one for Nemesis, the goddess who balanced the scales of justice with rightful revenge and punishment. In Rome, women who had prayers answered by Diana and Hecate marched by torchlight to the temples of these goddesses. There they held a special ceremony for women only and gave thanks.

The Egyptian Blessing of the Boats is quite similar in nature to the Roman festival of the Ludi Piscatari in June during the Mead Moon. Each boat was considered to have its own personality and a need for protection and blessing. The same can apply today to cars, boats, bikes, motorcycles, and in fact to any form of transportation upon which one relies.

In India today, the Hindu people still honor the elephant-headed god Ganesha, the deity who removes obstacles and brings good luck. Flowers and dishes of rice were set before his statues. However, it is considered unlucky to look at the Moon during this festival.

Yapaquix (Sowing Month), also known as Chacra Ayapui or Capac Siquis, was celebrated by the Incas. The people of Tibet had only one major holiday this month, the Sikhim festival of the birth of Padmasambhava.

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These stones can help you by improving concentration, balancing mood, opening your mind, reducing stress, and improving memory. 

  • Fluorite ~ Okay so I’ve said before that this is my all-time favorite gemstone. It’s known to heighten your mental abilities, bring order to a rather disorderly situation, aids in mental clarity  and assists in processing information. It also absorbs negative energies which helps reduce stress so make sure to clear it often. 


  • Snowflake Obsidian ~ balances the mind, body, and spirit while it calms. It makes the mind more receptive to learning, and brings focus to the beholder. 


  • Mahogany Obsidian ~ Has traits similar to snowflake obsidian as well as inspiring you to obtain your goals and promote intellectual growth, but it is not as effective in cutting through stress.


  • Sugilite (Luvulite) ~ This is a wonderful stone for people with learning difficulties, dyslexia, autism, etc. It promotes harmony with oneself as well as with one’s peers. This purple stone will promote cooperation, self-confidence, positive thoughts and actions, calm the nerves while eliminating headaches and combating fatigue. It helps you to comprehend the material, will facilitate memory retention, and inspire you to be a good student.


  • Mangano Calcite ~ instills a quest for knowledge, brings focus, reduces emotional stress, boosts memory retention and supports a feeling of self-worth and self-acceptance. Proper nutrition and growth is one other characteristic that this stone promotes (which is awesome if you’re like me and you’re poor and starving bc books are too much). 


  • Carnelian ~ This aids in concentration and helps increase personal power. It increases analytical capabilities, and will enhance your focus and determination. 


  • Clear Quartz ~ Don’t we all love clear quartz? This stones aids in mental clarity, focus, and stimulates the mind. It amplifies thought processes and is all around a great crystal and is easy to find. 


  • Citrine ~ This is my favorite stone for success. It promotes confidence, rids negative energies, and increases personal power. It will aid in mental focus and clearing, as well as helping one endure through tests, finals, etc. This particular crystal is known for never retaining any negative energies, which makes it a very joyous stone. 

You can put them in your backpack, carry in your purse, wear, keep in your pocket, or used as an elixir. 


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