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  • Rosemary for cough? Didn't know hat. Good to know. I know it is purported to be good to improve our memory but had no idea about cough. Good info. Thanks.

  • I'm a witch but also and I think being a witch can include being a healer, want to be a healer.  My Greatgrandmother was a healer back in the horse and buggy days.  The farms could be miles apart and she would travel constantly to each farm and be the doctor to these people.  She was the only one around that could.  I met her once when I was about 2 years old and had no idea and she was on her death bed but still spry and feisty lol.  I so wish I had her books and notes from that time.  I may have one more chance at getting some of it but I don't know.  But I won't know til I try will I?

    So this topic is near and dear to me to try to learn as much as possible.  I talk to her all the time and ask for her guidance and even have a hand written letter in her hand of course that I hold dear and use it as my connection to her as an ancestor.  She has guided me right so many times but like a dummy I did not record what I did.  To be honest I have not tried to contact her in some time especially since  I moved and haven't come across her letter again which frightens me.  But I could use divination to contact her.

    Anyway didn't mean to write a letter here lol just wanted to give some back ground as to why I wanted to join this group.  I am also a reiki master and been slacking on that too. For shame!!   Had too many troubles for some time but feel like it is turning around now (knock on wood).

    Love and healing blessings all

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A compilation of homemade remedies made right in your kitchen.  Mortar and pestle dry concoctions, tinctures, compresses, oils, rubs, ointments, creams and lotions. Syrups, teas, potions, powders and salves. Herbs, roots, seeds, veggies and fruits.  Soups, brews and recipes.   Can we cover it all?!

Please do not include any kitchen witch, beauty and/or general information on herbs and oils as we do have specific groups for them - thank you.

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