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The owner and administrators of In The Dark are not responsible for sales or trades and will moderate the group as needed only.  All terms and sales are at the discretion of the individual.  In The Dark in no way will be monetarily compensated by anything sold or traded.

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How To Create A Listing

1. Start a discussion under the Buy, Sell, Trade tab above.  Be specific as to your terms of the buy, sell or trade.  Add your contact information if anywhere else other than here on the site. Include pictures of items for sale if applicable.

2. You may leave a request for services or items that you are interested in acquiring in the comment area.

3. If you have any questions please also leave those in the comment area in the front of the group or get in touch with SunKat.

4. Additionally post photos of your items for a buy, sell or trade in the group's photo section including a brief description and asking price or trade terms.

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