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  • Thanks for the Feature!

  • Thank you for the invitation. 

    Image result for love magic pics for the group

  • Thanks for the invite

  • Thanks for the invite.

  • Just in time for Valentine's day.  Way to go!

  • With A Spank , And A Caress ,

    With Sacredness , And Decadence ,

    In Scented Room By Candlelight ,

    Do Lovers Do All What Feels Right

    On Ocean Beach Or In The Wood ,

    On Public Street , If Only Could ,

    Not To Be Blatant , Or So Habitual ,

    It's Only Human , To Have Sex Retual

    With The Lust , And The Love ,

    By The Serpent , And The Dove ,

    With The Many , Or The One ,

    Let The Natural Urge Be Done

    Let The Flesh Be Unto Flesh ,

    Forms Entwined , And Limbs Enmeshed ,

    Heart To Heart , Soul To Soul ,

    Or Just For Fun , To Lose Control ,

    With Those So Young , Or Elders Old ,

    Just Same Story , Again Retold

    With A Stranger , Or A Friend ,

    Relationship New , Or

    Once More At The End ,

    Not To Be Blatant , Or So Habitual ,

    It's Only Human , To Have Sex Retual !

  • I Whisper Writing On Your Skin ,

    Hot Winds Caress Your Flesh ,

    I Am Outside , Just Let Me In ,

    Forms Shall Join , And Molded And Meshed...

    And Time Shall Be Our Bitch , And There

    Shall Be No Time That We Need It To Be ,

    And We Shall Scratch That Which It Is ,

    That Which Is Still Yet And Still Yet Free...

    And Yet The Skin Shall We Rake ,

    In Our Daily Orgasm ?

    There Is The Magnet Still Point And All ,

    And The Mountain And The Chasm ,

    And The Yet Great And The Now All ,

    Body Electric , Ecstatic Spasm...

    For All That Is Given , And All We Shall Take ,

    There Are Those Still Asleep ,

    And Those Who Awake , And Those So Deep ,

    Who Dare To Dream , And Bear The Still Before The Storm ,

    And Break All Bonds , Yet Still Self Made , Between

    The Weirdness and The Norm...

  • Let Us Make Love In The Graveyard At Midnite ,

    Let Us Dance Naked In The Dark On The Beach ,

    Let Our Passion And Love Take Us To Heights ,

    And Places , And Depths , No Others May Reach ,

    Let The Stars Of Creation Be Our Witness ,

    Let Magick And Power Be Called Into Play ,

    And All Who Hearken To The Ways Of Our Will ,

    Listen To The Words Our Voices Shall Say !

    As Lord And Lady Of Our Dominion ,

    We Shall Make This Our Heaven On Earth ,

    All That Has Been Shall Now Pass Away ,

    As All That Shall Be We Together Give Birth ,

    We Shall Make Love On The Altar Of The Circle ,

    We Shall Call Forth Both Angel And Beast ,

    We Shall Invoke The God And The Goddess ,

    To Cojoin In Our Sensual Feast !

    We Shall Run Through Woods In The Moonlight ,

    We Shall Drink Where Waters Swift Fall ,

    And In The Embrace Of Spirit And Flesh ,

    We Shall Be Two As One With The All ,

    I Called Ye Forth From Your Darkness ,

    And You Called Me Forth From Mine ,

    And The Web We Weave To Manifest ,

    Is Now Ours In This Space And Time !
  • Awwww SunKat,thanks hun,awesome picture,sooooo love it xxxxx

  • Welcome Marcie!

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Sex magick means using your sexuality in order to work magick. This technique is not new nor outrageous; although usually kept secret many esoteric systems use sexuality for spiritual and magical aims. Examples of such traditions are witchcraft, shamanism, alchemy, Buddhist and Hinduist tantra and ancient Egyptian religion. A probably more known form of sex magick is the ceremonial sexual union of man and woman on the land to ensure a good crop. Their fertility act should encourage the land to deliver a rich harvest. Western sex magick has its roots in Hebrew kabbalah and is spread further through several occult doctrines like the knights Templar and the free masons. Nowadays sex magick is a beautiful way of giving sex back its rightful place of sacred sexuality. It is a firm invitation to leave the trail of the sneaky, hidden-in-the-dark and 'sinful' sex most of us have grown up with. It is a call to stop fighting this most powerful human force and to make use of its possibilities. Since sexuality is a gift from God/the Goddess it has to be divine. Within an open and respectful sexual relationship we can experience ourselves in all our aspects: the animal part, the human part and the divine flame within. Thus the beast-man-God is connected, as well as the beast-woman-Goddess. During sexual arousal an enormous amount of energy can be channeled upwards from the genitals along the spine to the top of the head. On its way up this energy fills and cleans blockages in the chakras, caused by emotional and psychological wounds. This explains why several spiritual paths view sexual yoga as a shortcut to enlightenment.
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