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  • 365 Tarot Spreads - Llewellyn

    12 Spreads to cover every Question you will ever be Asked!

    tarot card interpretation pdf  The Loving Cup Tarot Spread by  I Must Decide, Tarot Be My Guide Tarot Spread.:
  • I havn't tried this so I don't know if this is all true or not but it's something to play around with to see if it is or isn't ! I'd like to hear back from any of you tried this to let me know how things worked out with it.

  • Arcane Mysteries Tarot Tips <a href= " />

  • Ace of Swords

    General Meaning:

    This suit represents the rational mind and its ability to discriminate. Swords cut through things in order to pierce illusion, to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

    In the image of this Ace, a single upraised sword represents your prime motive or guiding ideal -- the vision that guides you through life's changing fortunes with single-minded clarity.

    The sword is sometimes shown piercing a silver and/or laurel crown, a symbol of optimism implying evolution, progress, a sense of hope and victory. It is occasionally shown pointed downwards -- a darker message, which refers to sacrifice, challenges and a critical environment.

  • Thank you Dr Cindy for the reading.  It was great!  Will help me plan my year ;)

  • Welcome Everybody!

  • THANKS FOR THE INVITE. It looks interesting.

  • Thank you for the invitation!  Hey Dr. Cindy would you sell me a reading? Serious!  Or are we too close? Or is this something I shouldn't ask here?

  • It's great to be here! I have been doing readings since 1994.

This reply was deleted.

All about the tarot or LEARN from the beginning: - Spreads & Decks - Reading & Interpretation - Correspondences - Care & Advice - Beginners Tarot Information & Quizzes


The origin of the Tarot is unknown. Some legends say that the cards originated in ancient Egypt derived from mystery religions. The Tarot is also said to embody the esoteric origins of India, Persia, Hebrew Cabalistic and early Christian beliefs. The tarot card symbolism is a key to opening up the psyche to new feelings, ideas, concepts and spiritual opportunities.

The first qualification necessary to become a good reader of the Tarot cards is “the desire to do so.” With study of the individual meanings of the cards and an intuitive linking together of the these we can quickly learn to build up a depth to the overall message. Working with the cards actually develops your psychic, sensitive and spiritual nature. Practice makes perfect.

The Tarot consists of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana is more concerned with the reasons behind events. It can be described like a man on a journey, he starts on the road as the Fool and encounters all manner of people and events along the way and through these experiences he learns life’s lessons and becomes more enlightened and fulfilled by the time he reaches the 22 card the World. It is a physical as well as a spiritual journey. Wherever the major cards fall there is a stronger influence in that area of the inquirers life, than if it were a minor card. Minor cards represent probable events while the major cards represent the reasons behind the events. The presence of a Major Card will dominate a reading and will carry more weight than  Minor Arcana cards. 



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