Earthquake Watch (M6+) 13-15 May && Earthquake Warning (M8+) 17-20 May

May 14 at 12:47am Today, 13 May the Sun, Venus and Saturn were in an alignment. The  amplified electromagnetic resonances of this alignment not only  influences the Solar System as a whole, but also the Earth and the Moon  directly, as the Venus-Jupiter resonance is going along the backside of  the Moon. This may cause a seismic increase in the next few days (13-15  May), typically over 6 magnitude, but with the recent earthquake uptick,  a 7 magnitude earthquake is also possible.Then on the…

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Climate Chaos is one of the new global concerns. Will our climate really change and weather patterns become horrific; snow in Hawaii; events as never seen before? Is Global Warming a reality or is it a beginning of an Ice Age? Natural weather events, conspiracies, or man-made by HAARP and chemtrails? 

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