Queensland cyclone: Latest news on ex-tropical cyclone Debbie

MOTORISTS are stranded in floodwater at Proserpine, amid fears 1300km of Queensland’s coast is at risk of flooding from ex-tropical cyclone Debbie. Boats are being used to rescue people from homes in Proserpine with locals still sheltering from torrential rain in damaged buildings. Leah Borghero, who runs the A & A Motel Proserpine, said she and her husband spent yesterday calming their terrified guests - many of them young international visitors - as Cyclone Debbie raged through the town. She…

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Trump Administration Backs Geoengineering, Full Disclosure Of The Climate Engineering Atrocities Grows Near

Trump Administration Backs Geoengineering, Full Disclosure Of The Climate Engineering Atrocities Grows Near March 27, 2017      Dane Wigington The ongoing global geoengineering assault has long since inflicted catastrophic and irreparable damage to the biosphere, climate, and life support systems of our planet (along with countless other forms of anthropogenic activity). It is truly incomprehensible that such blatantly obvious "climate intervention" programs can be…

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What's up in space?

THE SUN WAKES UP: Solar flare activity is increasing as two new sunspots are emerging on the sun today. This development comes on the heels of more than two weeks with no sunspots at all. Suddenly, the sun's X-ray output is rising as the new spots crackle with C-class explosions.  Stay tuned for updates. SOLAR WIND SPARKS AURORAS, GROUND CURRENTS: Moderately-strong G2-class geomagnetic storms are underway on March 27th as Earth enters a stream of solar wind flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in…

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Climate Chaos is one of the new global concerns. Will our climate really change and weather patterns become horrific; snow in Hawaii; events as never seen before? Is Global Warming a reality or is it a beginning of an Ice Age? Natural weather events, conspiracies, or man-made by HAARP and chemtrails? 

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