I shall open this section of the Wellspring with this article by

Jack Parsons , as it stirs my soul , and has since I first read it ,

many moons ago ;

The Witchcraft

John Whiteside Parsons
(excerpt from Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword)

WE ARE THE WITCHCRAFT. We are the oldest organization in the world. When man was born, we were. We sang the first cradle song. We healed the first wound, we comforted the first terror. We were the Guardians against the Darkness, the Helpers on the Left Hand Side. Rock drawings in the Pyrenees remember us, and little clay images, made for an old purpose when the world was new. Our hand was on the old stone circles, the monolith, the dolmen, and the druid oak. We sang the first hunting songs, we made the first crops to grow; when man stood naked before the Powers that made him, we sang the first chant of terror and wonder. We wooed among the Pyramids, watched Egypt rise and fall, ruled for a space in Chaldea and Babylon, the Magian Kings. We sat among the secret assemblies of Israel, and danced the wild and stately dances in the sacred groves of Greece.

In China and Yucatan, in Kansas and Kurdistan we are one. All organizations have known us, no organization is of us; when there is too much organization we depart. We are on the side of man, of life, and of the individual. Therefore we are against religion, morality and government. Therefore our name is Lucifer. We are on the side of freedom, of love, of joy and laughter and divine drunkenness. Therefore our name is Babalon.

Sometimes we move openly, sometimes in silence and in secret. Night and day are one to us, calm and storm, seasons and the cycles of man, all these things are one, for we are at the roots. Supplicant we stand before the Powers of Life and Death, and are heard of these Powers, and avail. Our way is the secret way, the unknown direction. Our way is the way of the serpent in the underbrush, our knowledge is in the eyes of goats and of women.

It is our own force that sometimes shifts jeweled coils and [...] mighty pinions in the breast of man; our Power is one with the Power that causes the God to stir in the heart of the seed, and the bud to burst into blossom and fruit; and whenever a man and a woman are united in one substance, our power is that substance.

Merlin was of us, and Gawain and Arthur, Rabelais and Catullus, Gilles de Retz and Jehanne d'Arc, De Molensis, Johannes Dee, Cagliostro, Francis Hepburn and Gellis Duncan, Swinburne and Eliphas Levi, and many another bard, Magus, poet, martyr known and unknown that carried our banners against the enemy multiform and ubiquitous, the Church and the State. And when that vermin of Hell that is called the Christian Church held all the West in a slavery of sin and death and terror, we, and we alone, brought hope to the heart of man, despite the dungeon and the stake.


We are the Witchcraft, and although one may not know another, yet we are united by an indissoluble bond. And when the high wild cry of the eagle sounds in your mind, know that you are not alone in your desire for freedom. And when the howl of the wolf echoes in the forests of your night, know that there are those who also prowl. And when the ways of your fellows about you seem the ways of idiocy and madness, know that there are also others who have seen and judged - and acted.

Now know that the power that we serve lies in the heart of every man and woman as the tree lives in the seed. And to be with us, you have but to call upon that Power, and you are as one of us. And when our Power and Joy have come upon you, you may go forth and do your will among men, and none shall say you nay. And if it be your will, you shall do your will secretly, and if it be your will, you will do your will openly, as your will.

Therefore lift up your hearts saying, "I am a man" or "I am a woman, and the Power of Life is mine!" And in the Power of Life you shall live and love, accepting no restriction and placing no restriction, freely and granting freedom. And it may be in the bounty of life you shall see the love of life shine in the eyes of another, and the lust of life burn upon his brow, and thus you shall take great joy together. And it may be in good fortune you may find a number such; and share your joy in secret feasting and rejoicing and all manner of lovemaking and festival. Or it may be that at hazard and danger you will teach the joyous power to men; as your wills move you.

And this is well so long as you remember one thing. There can be no restriction. The Power of Life is not restricted; it knows its own way, but no mind knows that way. Therefore in yourself practice all the giving and taking of freedom that is consistent with life, for thereby alone can you remain in our joy.

Pain is. Terror is, loss and loneliness and agony of heart and spirit, even unto Death. For this is the gateway to the kingdom of Pan.

Our way is not for all men. There are those who are so constricted and sick in themselves that the thought of their own freedom is a horror, and that of others a fierce pain; so that they would enslave all men. And these you should shun, or, if you must, destroy them as you will know how, for this also is bounty.

Nor think the life power should manifest in those who have no trouble or turmoil, for these may be mere dumb cattle, innocents out of season. Rather does the power often show the most where conflict rages, since at any time, and especially in a false civilization, the way must be won through. Surrender is disaster. The other side of the coin is a song in the sunlight and a dance in the moonlight, where all mists are dispersed. But the way must be won.


Now , before I show you something from the code regarding this

and how this man was one of our initiates ,

let me give you some idea of who he was ;


Please take the time to read the link , as it shows not only

who Parsons was , but his connection with others who knew the code ,

and used it , and how that is magically influencing the world

we live in today


Now to show you the link to the code :


Here is our arrangement of our Mother and Father ,

or Goddess and God columns :

I have placed the Mother / Goddess column on the right

( for good reason )

as I explained in the original Forum thread in the group ;

So , if I take the shape of the runes in this column and

fit them together I may attain many shapes ,

one of which is a double edged sword


( if I invert the column I attain the shape of the athame also shown here )

( you may note there was an "Is" rune added ,

which is common , to make the guard  )


So the sword on left , is made by bending the top rune which looks like a "P"

so I get a triangle shape with a line down , then the "Is" rune as the guard ,

then all the others shaped and fit together

( you are seeing it upside down from the column's perspective )


Now a dual mother column , or two of them , has a number value

of 1206 yet if I add sixteen "Is" runes next to each of those runes

in the two columns

( two columns of eight runes , plus sixteen "Is" runes )

I attain a number value of 1318 for the whole arrangement

( simple enough math )

The Sword , not counting the added "Is" rune for the guard ,

has a value the same as the single mother column of 603

1318 - 603 = 715

Why is that important ?

Ahh , for so many reasons...but for now a most important one !


Excalibur = 715

( for that matter 603 equals our word made from the code G'rayal ,

and 715 = Holy G'rayal , and 715 also equals : "Knights Of Round Table" ,

but we shall get to that down the line )


For now , let us bring in one of the characters in Jack Parsons passion

play , who used the code to start his organization as a magical act ;



As I warned in my Teaser to the Wellspring and in an article in the group forum

do not blame me if the code , through it's assimilation , warps the mind ;

Or , better said , assists one to waking up to the code you

and the universe are written in ;


Now , as the above excerpt from Jack Parsons book was taken from his book titled :

"Freedom Is A Two Edged Sword"

And we have a Sword and name Excalibur

let me now take the value of the sword 603 , and work with Jack Parson's phrase  :

Freedom Is A Two Edged Sword

( perhaps there is code contained )

In the Sepher Yetzirah , the value for "Liberty" :


Liberty = 624

Then the value of two other words :

My = 61

It Will Be / Will Be = 30

Thus :

My Liberty Will Be = 715

Do you see ?

The whole formula , as we could call it , or spell , is :

"My Liberty Will Be + ( the Sword = 603 ) = 1318"

Now later you would find out if you researched more , Babalon is known ,

as the "Woman Girt With The Sword" , and then I recommend

making the link to Revelation : 1318...


( but that is another thing , for another time )

Now , is there anything else *very important* Jack Parsons

encoded in his article from his book as above ?


Now know that the power that we serve lies in the heart of every man and woman as the tree lives in the seed. And to be with us, you have but to call upon that Power, and you are as one of us. And when our Power and Joy have come upon you, you may go forth and do your will among men, and none shall say you nay. And if it be your will, you shall do your will secretly, and if it be your will, you will do your will openly, as your will.


The number value for our mother and father column combined , equals 994 :


Now , from our code , comes the ancient word Wietch , with exactly that spelling ,

and you shall see me use it again and again in formulas and begin to see it's validity

spelled in that way


Given that :

Wietch = 281


Power = 590

And = 44

Joy = 79

= 994


So , is Jack Parsons saying , when you realize the code you are written in ,

when the Power and Joy come upon you , you may do your will ,

and none may say you nay ?


Yes , yes he are written with the code of Power And Joy !

You Are A Wietch , And This Is The Witchcraft !


( We shall speak further about our ancient word Wietchcrreayafth )

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  • Ah the sword and Excalibur....No natter how many times I hear/read you talk about it I always get this feeling of awe, power, and amazement, especially seeing the runic construction of it. 

    • Good to see you , my friend Justin...

      Yes , I felt the same when the Faery / Spirit Helpers showed me

      the sword in the code , then the construction , then it was confirmed

      by different elders / teachers / secret society members who would

      speak with me about it...

      In this context , regarding the article link , "Elron" hubbard used it

      as a code word for the whole code , yet it is as well the sword in the

      story we know so well...

      The second rune up from the bottom in the father's column , is a

      "U" letter value , followed upward , in order , by "T, H, A , R" ,

      annd in the same column , the name "A , R , T , H , U , R" is found...

      Interestingly :

      Arthur = 221

      Druid = 221

      Whereas :

      Merlin = 335

      Crystal = 335

      So we have the story of Merlin and the Crystal Cave...

      But that is another story...

      Yet :

      Druid Merlin + Arthur's Guide = 894

      Which is the sum for our double father column with "Is / Isa" runes...

      Mother column on right , father column on left...

      Yet , let us see if just the mother column makes a shape :

      However , before I do , I shouldd care to bring to the attention in the

      middle of the mother column , are two runes that look like a "W" , and "M"...

      If we fit them together , they make a rune known in the Anglo - Saxon system

      as "Stan" , or "Stone" now we must ask the stone in the sword ,

      or the sword in the stone ?

      The answer most would give is the latter , due to all they have read , or been told...

      Yet , as in my story on this site , about how I got the code , I have a small hammered

      silver Faery Sword , set with an aquamarine in the blade , made by a most unusual man...

      Or perhaps he looked like a man , but you need to read my story to understand...

      So , now I opened my eyes , and saw :

      "The Sword *is* in the stone , yet the stone "is also" in the sword...;)

      Further , on another level , looking at the construction of the Sword , do you see

      the "wend runes" embedded in it's construction ?

      And , then ask this *just* the sword Excalibur ?

      What other famous swords are there in mythology , or reality on the Otherside ?

      And then , as I have posted about our Runic Tree of Eleven Dimensions , and

      the central column adds to "Blue Fire" , just what myth of Faery , or other , are

      we dealing with now ?

      Perhaps this is the sword of many tales , as the short sword , or athame is another

      set of "Faery Tales"...yet real in it's application , and possible construction...

      What if this sword , is one of the "Gifts Of Faery" , and it is it's time to be

      set free from one realm into another , to assist in opening the Gates ?

      Is it the sword of Michael , or Lusifurge ?

      Now , the father column :

      Other than the ring , which is another construct from the mother column ,

      the other three constructs come from the father column...

      Now , let's see...

      Merlin / Gandalf's staff , or as the top rune in the mother column , has a "TH / PH" letter value ,

      and the bottom symbol is a "M" letter value , do ewe have the Wand Of Math ? ( Celtic Lore )

      Or , as two of the bottom runes in the father column , have an 80 + 80 value , and 160

      is the value for the word silver , do we have a certain flute from a Masonic initiate ?

      "With Magic Flute And Silver Bells

      A Lad Can Cast Enchanted Spells"

      Or perhaps Krisna's flute , or the didgeridoo of the aborigines ?

      ( or , or , or )...

      Now , from your Northern Tradition , who's hammer do you think that might be ?

      Yet , is it the smith Wayland's Hammer ?

      Or the Hammer of the Dwarves , in the Hall Of The Mountain King ?

      And , what of the spear ?

      The Spear Of Lugh ?

      Or another famous spear , one carrying the Power Of Weyyrd ?

      Commomly called "the Spear Of Destiny" ?

      Or , again , the Spear that is one of the "Gifts Of Faery" ?

      Do you see the layers ?

      Perception , is the Key...and with Informing and Intent , may be what is

      needed to open many doors to those ready to walk through , by aligning

      their resonance to the realm , through the study , and practices of the Code...

      As the Faery say...communication , is only possible between equals...

      And as they are not going "backward" , it is we , who must learn their language ,

      and modalities of speech , in it's many , many layers...

      Multidimensional thought , quantum mindframe , otherworld geometries...

      Ah , the breakfast of champions !

      Best to all...Wind at your backs !

  • My pleasure , One Crow...;)

    I am getting closer every day with getting to the point of opening the group...

    Just a few more days...early next week , it looks like now...

    Sheesh...I need a soak in a hot tub , a massage , and a week's !

    ( even this thread / post has been *greatly* expanded in the group , with huge amounts of info )

    • Take your time hun. Get that rest.  We are all going to jump right in as soon as it's ready. :)  I took your advice with the Medicine Cards. I removed the ones they recently added... I couldn't get the right energy from them... or as a whloe with them in the deck.  And I done a reading this week that was amazing. I look forward to all you add in the group.  Have, a fun, and relaxing weekend.  ;)

  • Thank you for the clips.  Also looking forward to the group.

  • This is great!  Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for the informacion.

  • Amazing- I thoroughly enjoyed this. Blessed be :).

    • My pleasure Katey...

      Thank you for taking the time to read it...

      There is much I shall be revealing , and sharing...;)

      And in our old language , if I said "Blessed Be" , transliterating modern

      english back into the Wietch's Language , it would "sound" like this :

      "Torc Leguu An Seal Seal An Dea * Torc An"

      Have a great day !

  • I should also note :

    Key = 66

    One = 13

    Command / Edict = 30

    Survive = 885

    = 994

    See Link To "Excalibur" Above

This reply was deleted.
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