When  we Scry - we   use "Thresholds", Also  when  we  Do Altar Maqgick ....  "Thresholds" come into play -  I  LOVE using Mirrors in a  Darkened  Room  for my Main  form of  "Thresholds... As Abovre ... So Below ... Between The Worlds - In ALL  the Worlds -  Dimensional Magick  .... It  all Fasinates me !!!!

As Witches - we  can "Place" our  "Conscious Awareness" upon ANY  domain or  object  we   choose... way way back in the day  - I  stumbled upon  a  Psychic Awareness  and Ability Development "Handbook"  that   explores  some really   wild  exercises - Placing  your  Conscious  Awareness   within  a  Plant,  a  Crystal,  a pet,  a  Blade of  Grass,  a  grain of  Salt or  sand -   within  the  CPU of   a  Laptop or  Desktop Computer,    the  electronic  Cuircuitry of a  Traffic Light Highway Motherboard ...  the possibilities are ENDLESS  and   out  imagination,  Visioneering  Skills,   and  Ability   to Create a "Mental "Man Cave, or  "Witches Den" or  a  Electronics  Lab  in our minds  .....  there are  virtually No limitatrions  to  what  we  can explore -  Take the  case of   a "Paraplegic Witch  and  Pagan" ....  they May  have lost the   ability  to   manipulate  the arms    or legs ...  but Their Mind  has  compensarted  for  those challenges the MInd  Soars...  and the Magick   still  can be manifest  and it   works ! .. THrow in Multi-Universes, Quantum Multiple  timeline  Witchcraft ....  I  love  being a  Witch  !!! - Woo Hoo !

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  • This is such great words with so much energies within. I really like this and it too opens my mind.

    • We have all seen the  Movie "Limitless"  and the Movie "Lucy" ... common Mortals use just a small fraction of   our  capacity  in   the mind, Pagans  and  Witches  however -   train  and use  a  Heck of  a lot more ! -  and because it is all connected -  we  Empower  each other. But  also   like  a  side  effect -  we  can communicate on  a unconscious level -   it works like  space/time and instantly ! -  there is no resistance or  time lag !

  • Beautiful dear one! Thank you! Blessings!

    • Thank you Rosey ! -  - Honest  to the Gods ... We "Empower" each other  and lift  our vibrations  Higher

      There is  Nothing  wrong  with indirectly helping   each other -  irregardless if  we  are Coven or  Solitary The Akashic "Collective"  we all are  sensitive to  (and  contribute indirectly OR Directly  to) can Illuminate and  make us all solid and empowered,  working   such CORE magick IS UNIFYING

      Working Thresholds - can start us "Uplifting" as a Whole" raising   the  Whole  System of Universal Spirituality to the  next  step on our Evolution - I trully believe this

  • Beautiful words and wonderful picture.

    • Thank you MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA  -  We all contribute to  everyone's  "Thresholds" - it is a  kind of Indirect "Collective" - I am thinking  we  all indirectly  "Feed"  the Akashic - with Rituals, spells, and life  events  and experiences ! - it all gets  holographicaly encoded  within the Akashic - and    as we develop our  skills -  we  can  access more  and more of this amazing knowledge base and work  more powerful and CORE Magick !!!

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