The Root of the name is the Status of Symbiosis - which is a Near Perfect balance of Host and symbiote ... In Witchcraft the "Host" is the Spirituality of Life and witchcraft ... and I am the Symbiote - lol - but it also implies a quantum balance as well .. a near perfect balance between the State of Harmony ... and that of Chaos ! as "Symbian" ... I stay near the Center axis point - Kinda like I sit at the Gate - ... the Veil between Material domain and Spiritual ... or when Working The Craft - from my altar - I exist "In the Worlds - AND Between the Worlds ... Like I have a fully functional "Echo" that stays just past the Veil and observes and works the Balance between Harmony and Chaos ... If too Chaotic - I work Harmony magick ... But if too harmonious ... I work a little Chaos magick in either case - just enough to return me back to center - I must admit - it is a kinda Buddhist kinda take on the Craft - but it works for me !!

My Main Guide "Leonarra" ... is Asian of Egyptian Decent ... and has been with me ever since my First incarnation in a Physical Body! LOL ... "Ground Zero"
She asked me to explore the State of Symbiosis ... to see IF IT FIT me at all ... or course she knew it would !!! ... The reason I exist at the center of the Worlds - is that my core - is that of both a Light Worker as well as a Light Warrior - Aside from "Leonarra" ... I have a Small group of Guides that I consult with and have a relationship with - ask me sometime to share their Stories with you !!!! ...
Many of us have a Spirit Guide - here is an Interpretation and as close an approximation of what my Guide Leonarra looks like ! -She is an Asian of Egyptian Ancestry - I have been looking the internet for a Picture that comes close to what she looks like in my mind - She has a bit of a story - Which I will share sometime in the future !

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  • Fascinating and Leonarra is so beautiful :) I believe my main guide is of Russian descent and called Lily, though I haven't found an image of how she looks to me yet :)

    • Vicki  - I am figurin  it largly  depends on our  level of ability to  trust  and accept  and not judge .... to not question ...  When I  stooped  trying  to  swim upstream Spiritually  and  go  with  a natural  flo of  spirituality and  energy   around me .... an "Image" was  allowed to slip into my consciousness when I  stated that I  desired  to  SEE  what Leonarra  looks like (And Remember it) lol

      As I hinted earlier - I  have a  few more guides .. and they  all  gave me  the understanding that I  could  "Channel"  them like  a  trance-Channel Medium would .... but  because  I  was  a  "Control Freek" I  needed to come to  a point of Giving up  all that control and  allowing the Guides to actually  "Speak" through me ! ... however ... I am  still having "Issues"  with  that  LOL  :D 

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