Bestow Upon Me Chant and Prayer Of Thanks


Bestow upon me Satan,
The characteristics of the Dragon Overwhelming strength,
Vanquishing all weakness Uncompromising power,
To manifest my will A fierce presence,
In the face of my enemies Dreadfully protective,
A shield for those I care about May its fire burn in my spirit,
Keeping the black flame bright.

Bestow upon me Satan,
The characteristics of the Serpent Possessing ancient wisdom,
Creative in my solitude Believably cunning,
So I can make my way in life Extremely ruthless,
when people attack In constant renewal,
Rising each day prepared to do your work May its venom run through my soul,
Till it consumes me.

Bestow upon me Satan,
The characteristics of the Peacock Prideful in appearance,
Always showing off my beauty Immortal spirit,
Living on throughout the ages Steadfast in everything,
Willing to go anywhere necessary Regal in stature,
A presence to be reckoned with May its essence fill my body,
Making every step one of confidence.

Bestow upon me Satan,
The characteristics of the Raven Forever watchful,
Never ceasing to observe those around me Highly intelligent,
Knowing what to do in every situation A spiritual figure,
So I can teach others about you Master of death,
Embracing it when my time has come May its darkness surround me,
Where every living being will feel you with me.

Bestow upon me Satan,
The characteristics of the Goat Stubborn in the face of adversary,
Never thwarted in my goals Fearless in the face of fear,
Doing what others dare not Courageous without limits,
Climbing every mountain in my way Wild to the point of abandon,
Free to be who I am meant to be May its energy ignite my faith and desire,
Forever holding high the horns of Baphomet.


Satan For all the things you mean to me,
I thank you For the joy in my heart,
the life in my spirit,
I give you thanks Satan,
Father, you give me a reason to live You give my life meaning
Every day is a treasure in which you encourage me to grow
You nudge me to enjoy every minute
The signs you give me, I treasure
The dreams you send, they guide me
Your presence reassures me I am not alone, for that there are no words
Energy you give when I am weak
Strength you pour into my being when I must walk the difficult walk
When I am sad, you comfort me
When people hurt me, you let me know you are on my side
You are everything I will ever need
You're my Father, who I go to with everything
My Teacher, who guides me in all knowledge
My Protector, when I am in danger
My Creator, who made me who I am
And above all, Satan, you are my God with whom I will spend eternity
Thank you, with all my heart
Thank you, from the depths of my spirit
Thank you, with all that I am.

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  • Your poems you presented have a def wow factor! Juss remember to always give credit to the original author at the end of your post as it can be a sticky-wicket if you don't! I'm a member of SOM(spellsofmagic). Some writers there are quite talented as you have displayed...If you don't know the author, write where it came from i.e. /@ SOM... you spoke of some Trauma and my wish is for you to be healed....Blessed Be! <RavenHeart>

    • They are not poems!!

      I have healed myself and I am healed - thank you.

    • Well technically I can call them anything I want bec-ause I am a critic....BUT I'm glad your healing! That's good to hear....<Raven>

    • Ok. Though red is not blue and vice versa. Blessings.

  • Please convey my high regards to those who wrote those ,

    Most especially the chant...tell them it came from a poet ,

    and one who teaches the Old Craft.

    And thank you for the GIF link...

    I found a few...but you chose well !

    And did you look at my Group yet ?

    I have some decent images myself...;)

    • What is your group called? Not trying to be annoying just since going through my trauma I forget things easy so right now I am not sure if I am part of your group or not but I know I am part of your faeries one.

      This is the resource (so you see there is no name):

      Going through what I have in my life I have had to heal myself which is not a problem or an issue since I am the Hidden 13th sign in the Zodiac which is The Healer. So I share what I know is good and works - well what has worked for me, I hope you understand me little better. Going through my journey now I enjoy being alone and most the time prefer it this way. Still to this day I have people say to me they don't understand me and my traumatic experience; so I just can't be bothered with people anymore and prefer to be on my own in my own darkness. I use to feel alone around people now that is turned into feeling neglected also, so I find I am much happier alone - even when I am sad most the time I prefer to be alone. I have made a new friend recently and let her in now and then. I don't know why but I felt I needed to share that with you and let you know (intuition). I shall see if I can work out myself with the groups if I am in the group your thinking of at the time you sent me your comment.

      Deep Peace to You..

      Bestow Upon me Satan - Free Magic Spell
      Bestow Upon me Satan; Satanic prayer.
    • No , you do not belong to this Group " The Wellspring ",

      as I just opened it Woden's Day May 24th at Midnight...

      I am sorry for your trauma , whatever it was , yet am

      pleased in your facing it with courage and power...;)

      I myself , almost died this past winter , so I am sharing all my

      years of knowledge and experience...there are many parts to the Wellspring....

      In the Forum Section of In The Dark ( not of Wellspring which has it's own Forum )

      there are Teasers and the announcement of the opening...

      But when you get into Wellspring you will see the imagery and text and videos...

      And I am still only beginning...;)

      Best to you , Persephone...blessings on the healing path

      The Wellspring
    • I am a believer in myself ~ I am Healed ~ I am powerful

  • Who wrote those , Persephone ?

    And those images are great...

    If I were an unscrupulous type , I would borrow

    or steal them for use in my new group...

    All three !

    LOL ! ( really )

    • You may take the image's if you wish they are for free distribution brother Shawn, and I did not write these. They were written by others in secret on another site using fake names.

      This is a cool site for gifs also:

This reply was deleted.
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