A cold wind does blow!
Everyone feels down to piggy toe!
Is this part of the world stage show?
What many may not know-
A singing HAARP does flow!

Why do we not see?
Truth as in real reality!
The Way of Be!
Awaken and let us set ourselves free!
Gno your own Divinity!

Divine Mother by alexpolanco

Time is Now to Unite!
Why do we among ourselves still fight?
Balance your dark and light!
Return to Way of Right!
Be not of fear and fright!
You are a Glorious Being! A marvelous sight!

We are One Race!
Each unique with gifts and of brilliant hues and grace!
Why do we-ourselves-allow evil to us disgrace?
See the tears flow from Divine Mother’s face?
New Time! Peace, Balance and Agape to embrace!

Let go of old!
Lies were told!
Step up and be bold!
Manifest and re-create a new mould!
You are a Shining Star of great beauty to behold!

(published by margaretburns 1/7/17)


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